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View From a Mad King’s Room

Shot taken looking outside the King’s bedroom (Note: photos are NOT usually allowed on tours)
Swimming in the lake in the summer is a real treat, as is a hike around it, as well as a jaunt out to the bridge to take some amazing photos

Who was the ‘Mad King?’

Ludwig was born near Munich on 25 August 1845, the oldest son of Prince Maximilian II of Bavaria and Princess Marie of Prussia. In 1864 Ludwig’s father Maximilian I died, and the eighteen year old Ludwig became King of Bavaria. Ludwig II became known as der M√§rchenkonig or in English, the fairy tale king.

Ludwig II saw himself as a “Moon king”, a shadow of King Louis XIV of France who was famously known as the Sun King.

In castle building Ludwig certainly took some inspiration from Louis XIV. His famous Palace of Versailles inspired Ludwig, for example Ludwig built his own “Hall of Mirrors” in Schloss Linderhof, copying Louis XIV’s famous version.

The problem with this focus was that castle building was expensive, and led to Ludwig borrowing a great deal of money to finance his plans.

On 13 June at 6pm, Ludwig II asked to go for a walk around the lake. The men never returned, and were eventually found dead.

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