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Sleep at the Base of Mount Hood

Mount Hood is in one way so awe inspiring to be beside because the surrounding hills around the mountain are much smaller, really accentuating the grandeur of the big mountain

Reaching an elevation of 11,249 feet, Mount Hood is the highest point in all of Oregon and fourth highest in the Cascade Range.

Plus, Mount Hood is one of the most climbed mountains in the world, making it a prominent and must-see mountain for Pacific Northwesterners.

For a more rustic experience, consider pitching a tent in one of the many campgrounds around Mount Hood, or better yet, trek 7 miles further towards the base of the mountain and sleep out under the stars!


  1. Drive up to Timberline Lodge (90 minutes from Portland)
  2. Park for free, overnight lot
  3. Jump on the Zig Zag Falls Trail, this trail also intersects the PCT and Timberline Trail.
  4. Hike 4-5 miles towards the Falls, then cross the creek and keep going
  5. Head to Paradise Park
  6. Pick a campsite from various patches of flat ground peppered throughout the area

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