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Raw Tropical Living in SE Asia

The fresh fruits are amazing! Included with your $15 / night room, each and every morning (substitute for an omelette)

Fresh juice on the street is cheap and plentiful

Ubud is well removed from the mayhem of wild beach places

Food, beautifully presented abounds in Ubud. And not just any food, but beautiful, health-conscious, unique, colorful, and affordable food! Ubud is such a foodie mecca that Julia Roberts visited the city in Eat, Pray, Love.

Restaurants in Ubud use banana leaves, flower petals, and fresh fruits to enhance the beauty of the food. And yet dishes rarely exceed $10. Most dishes are healthy, fresh, and unique.

Everything is really that affordable, ironically beer is a tad more expensive than other SE Asia destinations. Drink the kombucha instead! (or be prepared to spend about $3 or more per 500-660ml Bintang, even at roadside stalls, but hey, that’s not too shabby either).

Create your own DIY yoga retreat for significantly less any packaged ‘deal.’ Monthly yoga passes go for around $160 at exclusive places like Yoga Barn and Radiantly Alive. I manage to squeeze in 31 classes in 3 weeks, making it about 5 bucks a class (That’s great!).

Can choose a weekly pass for about $70 with Radiantly alive, clock in 10 classes, and be at about $7 per class (Much better than the drop-in rates of $10 and quite the motivator to get your money’s worth by doing lots of classes in a week’s/month’s time!)

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