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The Pozitive Points Manager

Link to apps you use, earn points when you’re marked as helpful or add value there in other ways

Click on your way when buying online, at stores you know, to get actual cashback plus PZ bonuses, up to 15% off at most places

Supported by brands and businesses who want customers like you

As simple as a cashback site, more rewarding than a Groupon, start earning points you’re proud of today

What’s the Point?

Turn karma into coin!

Earn the rewards you should for the value you add anywhere, we aggregate the pozitive points you receive in your digital life

We connect businesses with their most valued customers
Earn points to be proud of, businesses give back
  • Affilated marketing with a pozitive spin
  • Lightweight as a cashback site
  • Gamifies good deeds

What does added value mean?

The little things we already do every day

Getting your comment marked as “Helpful” and posting product / business reviews

Earning points as a Google Local Guide, getting gilded on Reddit for knowledge sharing

Buying sustainable products, reducing your carbon footprint

Creating open-sourced software, knowledge sharing, volunteering, coaching, mentoring

  • Fun user experience for businesses / consumers alike
  • Easy to integrate new platforms and affiliates
  • Value meters are community driven

What E-tailers want, what e-tailers need

Helpful reviews, engagements with power users

E-tailers want customer engagement and above all helpful product reviews
Via trusted affiliates, e-tailers can market to their most valued customers
Be helpful, get paid!
  • Increases pozitive customer engagement
  • Rewards only ‘voted-on’ helpful user input
  • Provides a safeguard against fake reviews

Built for Communities

Open-Source, Community-Driven

Built on proven cashback-site models, we bridge the gap between digital rewards and B&M business
Supported by and for local businesses and the digital startup community
Value meters driven by open-source standards
Built-in mechanism to address communities and small business in need
  • Channel for SMBs to support the community
  • Drives the right traffic
  • Everyone saves money

How’s it Work?

APIs and Algorithms

Custom-built APIs, real-time data transfer
Highest open-sourced encryption
Fluctuating bonus system provides a fun way to engage
Business customer onboarding takes just 24 hours
  • Amazon, Google, Reddit, and more supported
  • Lightweight, secure, and governed by the community
  • Customizable employee engagement campaigns

Check out one of the first presentations I made that inspired it all: