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Real. Smart. Transportation

Working with an early start-up with a brand new product is both exciting and challenging, but this is sure one product I can get behind (literally!). Coming from nearly 7 years living in Asia, scooters were the shit. Everybody had one. They ruled the bike lane and the main drag in many cases and riding one was always fun.

“Own the bike lane”
― Ojo

Partnering with the Ojo team and a blank slate, looking to activate a product that just rolled off the assembly line, we threw around lots of different ideas.

We supported Ojo with events, innovative business models, digital assets, marketing collateral, and more. We even ran a full-blown college internship program with our partner KSU.

Featured at Best Buy

One of the first big wins was getting our foot in the door in Best Buy. We designed an incredible rotating display that held the scooter and a tablet showing it off. It was a hit.

Getting Ojo into a big box retailer is one thing, getting it out on the streets was a whole other animal. We envisioned rental kiosks that were quick to deploy, affordable, and that offered interested entrepreneurs a way to start their own business. Meet the Business-in-a-Box.


To test the waters, we first needed to do some research, get some feedback, hold some events.

University of California – Santa Barbara

With the help of renowned graffiti artist Kid Wiseman, we held an event at UCSB while we held talks with university staff about our ideas. It was a hit, and the meural that was made that day still stands today. We got a lot of good feedback about what students want in their day to day transportation and incorporated that into our future proposals.

KSU Internship Program

We ran an internship program at Kansas State with an outstanding team of future entrepreneurs. They surveyed the market, polled their classmates, put forth some great ideas, and prepared final reports that were submitted to the Ojo founding team. But their favorite part was no doubt having access to the Ojo scooter on campus for a whole semester!

“Seeing is believing”
― KSU team

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