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FedEx API Factory

Digital Portfolio Modernization

Our mission:

Position FedEx digital solutions in a robust portfolio strategy powered by a single automation platform: the API Factory

At the starting line (PI-O), transitioning from Waterfall to Agile, along FedEx’ path towards their largest digital transformation to date, our team worked hand-in-hand with IT counterparts creating an exemplary experience customers today are now enjoying.

FedEx customers around the world are connected to a continuously growing library of features and functionality in part due to the work of the API Factory.

FedEx systems are incredibly complex and everything and everybody must work in tandem, lock step, in sync, and always in motion. The smallest feature could have the largest dependency, so subject matter experts and on-point rhythms-of-business abound to make it all work

Continuous delivery of value

True to fine form Agile methodology, the API Factory truly represent a continuous flow of new features through one of the largest Agile-Release-Trains within the company. Nearly 125-member strong ART, represented by both Marketing and IT, working together to bring value to both internal and external customers, day in day out, and around the clock.

APIs are the life-blood of a digital business

The ability to react quickly, pivot, and even fail fast helped our teams conquer the large undertaking that a company-wide digital transformation called for. Here’s to all the hard work that everyone’s put in, to the vision that FedEx management put forth, and to the customers that have made FedEx the company it is today.

The Purple Promise

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