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A Beach to Yourself in Thailand

Camping on the beach, especially with the variable tides, is not for the faint of heart

Don’t hang fresh fruit in the trees thinking the monkeys can’t get to them (doh!)

If you’ve never experienced solo travel in Thailand before then this country should be your first port of call. Solo travel in Thailand is so easy as the country is geared up for tourism and because of its reputation for great beaches and partying, the country tends to attract a younger crowd of traveler.

The beaches in southern Thailand are every cliche under the sun and there are so many to choose from especially along the Andaman Coast. Turquoise blue lagoons await!

Travelling solo in Thailand means you can island hop to your heart’s content making the most of the stunning Thailand beaches, although the overnight boats leave a lot to be desired.

There’s more to Thailand than its beaches, nightlife and fresh barracuda.

Many travellers come to Thailand each year and stick to a particular route. That’s what I myself have done for years.

Here’s my route to having your own private beach in Thailand, for free:

Warning: before committing to a stretch of beach, be wary of how high the tide rises at night. My tents were sometimes overtaken with water in the middle of the night, not good! Also note that this sort of backcountry camping is technically forbidden, park authorities may ask you to move if you choose a spot that’s easily seen by rangers’ boats.

  1. Fly into BKK
  2. BKK to Hat Yai in the South
  3. Hat Yai to port
  4. Embark on 2-3 hour journey to Koh Lipe
  5. Hire long boat from Koh Lipe to Koh Ahdang
  6. Hike 1 mile from Ahdang main camp (including bungalows for non-campers) to find secluded beachfront to set up camp

For less camping inclined folks, stay on Lipe or in the Ahdang bungalows.

In Thailand they offer a unique mix of stays offering a real taste of Thailand such as staying in a riverside traditional Thai house, or home stays in the forest. Many options to choose from, and all by and large affordable and full of other fun travelers to meet.

If you are planning a trip to Thailand, travel insurance is definitely recommended especially if you are planning on taking a hilltribe hike, long tail boat rides or snorkelling and diving.

Onward: Thailand To Malaysia – Hat Yin is just a few hours from the border where you get a minibus to Penang.

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